Indexing of mirror domains in Google

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The site is in hosting. To it screwed my domain of 2nd level and another issued by the host, the "service" domain of 3rd level. The service was used until he bought his. Earned when working, register it in different search engines. Made an account on Google tools and Analytics. Put a counter.

For a time all was as it should. In the search results was the main domain.
But a few weeks later it was replaced by "backup". And only in Google. The others (Yahoo, Bing, Rambler) find the one you want.

In robot.txt there is an entry:
User-Agent: *
Host: imanity

The title in the header is with an absolute link to the main domain.
Other links on the website relative.

Spoke with the tech support of the hosting provider through the Internet. What he found is somewhat contradictory.

Maybe advise the right way?

— wait until you stick together?
— edit robot.txt?
— kill the service domain?
— forwarding(if it is, then what)?
— the other?

UPD: IN the tools of Google was all three — osnovnoye, wwwhomepage, sluzhebnykh(And the service I added after he got out in the search results). The first thing I got there and climbed. So in the settings there is the option to choose "Primary domain" of only the first two options. Ie c www. Chosen without a www. When I go to setup utility, in the corresponding field there is a line: "the Primary domain — Just the domain root level"
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I understand that both domains are directed to a single directory?
In this case, go to .htaccess file, create it if not, and there write this:
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]
In the end, when you step on and will be redirected to www.your-domain.rusame with any page
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As written above:
1) the webmaster Tools in Google to choose the right mirror
2) robots.txt you are all right
3) Put a 301 redirect from the mirror to the main domain
Zerkalschik will come and replace the main mirror site.
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In the tools of Google for webmasters (or something like that) it is possible to specify the primary domain — the problem I had only with mirrors c and without www (aliases). Natural links have been an epidemic of c www, although I considered the main without it, and you doing the redirect did not occur, but then it was terrible — so Google had replaced the domain in the results.
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A redirect can be done
In order of "Correctness"
1 edit the records of DNS servers (to negotiate with the hosting, so he redirecters on Osnovnoy)
2 lifting the second virtual host and it quit .htaccess with 301 redirect to the main
3 Google and Yandex has a panel "web master" where can ukazateli the primary and secondary domains

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