Hot topic "Russian-speaking domains on apache +nginx"

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There is a problem, which is that the hosting control panel adopts Russian-language domains, but in the settings Virt. domains Apache and nginx full neponyatka.
How to solve?
Just the Russian names, Apache does not accept, the reason for this is unclear.
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Convert via libidn and forget that the Russian-speaking domains exist outside the browser (and even there not always)
idn --quiet -a "domain.of the Russian Federation"
(the quotes only normal — parser)
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punycode Converter convert vpnsc.RF xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai

in /etc/apache2/sites-available create a conference. file xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai.conf
"VirtualHost *:80"
ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
ServerName xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai
ServerAlias www.xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai
DocumentRoot /home/xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai/www/
"Directory /home/xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai/www/"
Options None
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
allow from all

ErrorLog /home/xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai/error.log

LogLevel warn

CustomLog /home/xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai/access.log combined


then a2ensite xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai
Important! The name of the directory with the files of the site xn--b1amgljn.xn--p1ai

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