How to store articles in a web project?

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I have a web project, you must add the articles section. Where to store the text of articles? In files? In the database? XML?

I will be grateful for the advice and links.
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Our database is quite convenient. If there is an interface editor that uses bb codes or some virtual tags, it is possible to store in the database and the version with the original tags and "prerendered"-option to HTML-ready output for speed.
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Join peter23, but would like to add that it is better puts the value of a field for storing at least MEDIUMTEXT. Because there were cases when habitually put TEXT and got clipped article! Well, as a Supplement, no one bothers to cache, because the articles are edited not so often, but rather are written "for the ages", but for safekeeping, the original should be in the database!
PS here under database means MySQL
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