Buggy PC and netbook. WinXP

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Home computer, after prolonged use (more than 3 years old) recently started to fail: stopped working first one, then the second rail. Moved swapped SATA cables on the motherboard — it worked.
Now periodically during operation of the computer there is sound critical errors (so nasty, you know) and after it's shutting down half the functions of the computer cease to run programs, browser, if opened, does not open links, quip does not open new Windows, not invoked context menu, first on the desktop, and in a minute — in public folders does not start start. And all these actions are accompanied by sound unacceptable errors, only the error never climbs.
Even noticed in KMPlayer movies shows fine, if it was started before these events, but if you call the context menu — instead of 20 points is 4 and they don't work.

I think it's a glitch of some windows system file. But how do you know what and what to do?

UPD: the same thing started to happen on a netbook
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Dried up capacitors on the motherboard.
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what about antivirus software?
A simple way to determine the system problem or hardware to backupnode system drive with something like the Acronis, to put a bare system and to try to work in it. If symptoms persists, it means iron. If not, you can restore the system disk from the image and try to deal with the software.
As for me — if the same glitches on a netbook and the computer — then the problem is with the software.
What about antivirus software?
Windows is updated?
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It reminds me of one failure which occurred in mystical module hungapp, when using low-level anti-virus or firewall enabled and Hyper Threading, which began similarly spontaneously after some time of use. Actually, what protective mechanisms you have installed and what configuration of the computer? And even when failed drives, they were only visible in Windows or in the BIOS too?
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Both ESET Nod 32, updated
Windows on both no, after wault.exe began shipping 100% of CPU
between computers dropbox, and it portable versions of the programs that I use:
Total Commander\\
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start cmd.exe in this write sfc /SCANNOW keep the installation disc of WinXP (unfortunately only really the CD drive that it searches only there) at the ready.
Plus you can try to run Process Explorer (www.sysinternals.com) and leave hanging in the background, wait for the error and see what services bangs.
Well, esstestvenno to run eventvwr.msc to view logs that may well be that there is already the necessary information.
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SFC is not suitable, because it put SP2 from disk and then updated to SP3.
Process Explorer ran a couple of times, but as evil in those times — not buggy. Can Windows it to register? =)
In the eventvwr in the system write error access drive H, but only files that I do not often open, there is no system. And error, bonjour service, itunes is a module.
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To perinatality on system SP3 force. Quite effective option is often rescued when an unknown underground knocking.

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