Local and network performance SPS Garant

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There is the infamous reference-legal system the GUARANTOR, which the wife sort of activity is constantly being used at home. Conventional client-server version that runs locally from your hard drive WD10EADS (Yes, a 5400 rpm, but otherwise he's not that slow), under Win7 x64 on Athlon X2-5200 8Gb RAM.

So, according to the couple running from the local hard disk GUARANTOR when working with queries to the database is much slower than the network version at her work (it runs on an ancient work computer with a network file server 100 megabytes network).

I can't understand how this is possible. But if this is so, due to some optimization of the Guarantor under the network work, will it help if I run it from the NAS (where RAID 0 + Gigabit network)?

P. S. unfortunately, put another faster disk on the same computer for a number of reasons (used housing, etc.) can't.
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Maybe a different version? OS?

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