Monitoring of hard disk access

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The computer has a SSD and a RAID array of two hard drives, Windows 7 Professional x64 on the SSD. When the calculator is launched there is a delay of 10 seconds, at this time heard to spin up hard drives. But in the array are only games, backups, software distributions and virtual machines, nothing systemic. The swap file is also on the SSD.
D:\\>dir /B
Virtual Machines

D:\\>dir /A:H /B
System Volume Information

What program can monitor what the system is drawn when you start the calculator?

UPD: launched Process Monitor (FileMon is now part of it), set timer stop drives 1 minute. As it turned out, calc.exe refers not to RAID, and to two other drives. Can anyone explain this?
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3 Answers

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Someone (antivirus?) opened music in the context of a process calculator Windows is remembered and every now and again prefetched this music before launching the calculator.
del %SystemRoot%\\Prefetch\\calc.exe*.pf
From elevational console should help. If will repeat — xperf with stacktrace when referring to the files and see who will fall.
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The program FileMon seems to be doing monitoring of the startup programs...
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Passion that way.
Nothing in calc.exe soderjatsya code... rootkit This rootkit that collects info about copyright infringement. It analyzes the uploaded content and the folder with the music. That's why he treats these drives.
This is the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn. G)

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