How to fit all Chrome extension next to the address bar?

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There is such problem:
Using Kubuntu 10.10, Google Chrome 6.0.472.53
Previously, Bohr had 3 extensions, of which only 1 was good enough in the space next to adressee line, the other 2 hid under a checkmark next to. It is not convenient for me, since the extension check and notify me about available updates.

Just today found another 1 extension and lo and behold — now 2 expansion into the space next to adressee line, and 2 (1 new) remained under the ill-fated tick. While trying to narrow the address bar of the slider it returns to its place.

What a strange bug, which always leaves at least 2 extensions folded in a tick?) I don't need the address bar on stopitsot kilometers, I would see icons for all 4 extensions next to the address bar.

May be somebody faced this issue and knows what to do?

Note: previously I used different versions of chrome on different axes — this was not.
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2 Answers

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put the 2 left don't need the extension. May they not be visible, and desired — will
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The solution was simple: somehow, some way in the settings was "use gtk theme+". Changing the value to "Use default theme" and restarting the browser I got what was required

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