Easy to remember passwords

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I propose this idea.
What if you choose a password according to the degree of complexity and illegibility, and, conversely, not too short, but remember well?
The human brain is such that pseudo-logical combinations of familiar words are remembered much better than s2queY482uuj. I took multiple dictionaries, put them into a program, and then mixed using a randomizer. For easy memorizing all the words in the phrase begin with the same letter.
Here, for instance, it turns out:

selfish migaldi kid
indirectly, sour bite
sad year old pot
ownerless bead bead


Password length is rather large. Given the number of words in the dictionary, the number of combinations is very large, i.e. the password is not enough that nepture, it is also easy to make unique (like username and password at the same time).
As someone an idea?
If I reinvent the Bicycle, poke. nose.
Thank you!

PS by the Way, generator expressions can spread in free access in the form of utilities for Windows and Linux.
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It turns out only the Russian alphabet? Moreover, only Russian words?
Might work in the case when the unknown method of getting the password, otherwise — a rough enumeration of the combinations in the dictionary will bring virtually all no...
The rule "easier to remember — easier to crack and Vice versa" has not been canceled...
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A long time ago in a paper (I think on Linux) I read of a method of generating easily remembered passwords, it is highly resistant to hacking — take three words and separate them by semicolons:
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Security policies often require that a password should contain numbers
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All depends on the person. Who find it difficult to remember a large sentence, and whom is simple; who find it difficult to remember passwords with special characters, and who just.
I would not like to use it, for me is harder to remember.
And not the fact that is difficult to crack, because if this method will use all(or victim), the selection will consist of many elements, how many words in the phrase. In this case, the alphabet will serve as your base word.
Recently found here is such an interesting password generator password.nanohertz.net/index.php?language=ru Maybe someone will be interested.
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You think wrong section...
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Not too fond of easy passwords, prefer to use reliable storage (e.g. 1Password 3) and complex passwords. Generate possible using 1Password, and some services, like — getpas.ru
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