Time limit user logon, as part of the protection

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How realistic may be the introduction of some of the hidden time interval, which will trigger verification of the administrator? In the case when the administration requires constant and urgent interventions.

Ie, the login form is the same, but accepts correct login and password only in the assigned host time. They act by default and optionally allow a one-time extended periods of time for work situations.

Interested in the pitfalls.
Or insane and irrelevant?

upd: to clarify: both; regardless of OS
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Tried to implement the authorization of employees on their work schedule (after three days):
— employees think it is possible to swap shifts without notifying anyone (should be resolved by administrative methods, but...)
transmission shifts often beyond the regulated time (including for objective reasons of the type "the customer is always right" and "light turned off")
— I had to force majeure for urgent changes during the shift (sad story)
In General, several times the normal work was disrupted and this despite the possibility of remote administration (shift schedule for sure) several people, including the calculation of the mobile Internet.
In the end, refused, limiting control over IP for employees not eligible to enter in the system not in the workplace, for the rest no limit
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Ie if you suddenly need to do something urgently in the "wrong" time, it won't work and will need to go in settings and change the allowed interval or wait?...
I think a more correct step would be the same filter valid IP for example...
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