Prompt algorithm unlock iPhone 3gs

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Gave me an iPhone 3gs, which, according to indirect data, have been made update the firmware. Apparently to 4.2

Background of the iPhone is not known to me, but it looks like I bought it in Russia. Can be and the United States.

Now the screen is emblazoned the logo "connect me to itunesu" and displayed the IMEI and ICCID.
When connecting to itunesu requires that you insert the original SIM card.

What can be done and in what sequence?
I even have AT&T mikroshemka there, but it is mikroshemka.

PS I do not know how to find out modem version and all the rest.
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3 Answers

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1. Download redsn0w 0.9.6b4 for jailbreak
2. Download ultrasn0w from Cydia (Galena already on the device) to unlock.
3. Jump, dance and shout for joy (optional)
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somewhere in was detailed instructions for the jailbreak.
And somewhere in there was the same video as the man put itself of 4.2, did the jailbreak and it iPhone has a horrible fail.
So to put or not to put a new iOS version at your own risk.
I'd better used 4.1, jailbroken their devices and work perfectly.
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I long suffered with this problem and here is my solution:
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