HDD died, how to get information?

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There are HDD from WD on 500GB, bought not so long ago — max 3 months ago. A month ago, appeared strange symptoms just after a reboot the computer refused to see the tin, distortion of wires on the Mat. Board/W.the drive has had a positive effect, and the computer found the drive. Now the computer sees the hard disk but hangs at the stage of its definition, or not see it at all.
Pulled from another computer hard from Hitachi — his computer sees it fine, loaded without problems... all sorts of combinations of settings options with sata and pata and enhanced with compatible mod AMI was not given proper effect in the form of a boot with the hitachi in order to pull data from WD. SMART is also disconnected in the hope that he hang up... If both drives connected, often include the following items: (priblezitelno)
SATA1 IDE Hard Disk
SATA2: IDE HArd Disk
HITACHI *************** 80Gb
*nothing is written — the system as it hangs*

Is there any possibility (with the exception of pockets with usb) to connect the deceased to the disk, or just the version of office, which is specialized in recovering data from disks?

UPD #2 And once again, the day is saved thanks to the powerpuff girls Linux, in this case Ylmf-Assembly, he managed to see a heap of iron, both data partition koii already voutsa on an external hard =) amazing, but Windows never sees mysticism...: /
Thank you all for the tips =)

UPD #1
another car just now stuck. the first launch of anything at all not given — only BIOS thought for a long time, the second time the BIOS gave the following:

Auto-detecting 3rd Master..IDE Hard Disk
Auto-detecting 4th Master..IDE Hard Disk
4th Master: Hitachi HD*** P210A70A, UDMA Mode-5...
Third Master Hard Disk Error press f1 to resume

But again when booting into Windows the effect is zero... wait I will try Linux, maybe he would see...
At startup, both drives the "buzz" and podayt signs of life, peticote sounds like in sydrome resonates disk and attempts to read it, but the result of damage to the disc reading not be happening... after a couple of these "races" CD no sign of life delivers — like it's just not powered...
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And the loops to change tried? I had a similar situation. Then was acting strange even the BIOS. The train was closed by two wires. The loop replacement helped.
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Depends on what fell. If the SMART indicators have been normal the last time, you probably died a controller on the screw. If the arms are fairly straight and have where to get a replacement, you can try to replace. But it's almost like a finger to the sky. Undeniably it would be better for it in the service center looked and said what's wrong, and then make the decision.
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The first thing I would do:
— checked the ribbon cables, as said above.
— stuck to hard to the other car.
When he did not determine the direct route to the spice (for example, C\\C), if they have you in the city.
P. S. if hard is determined by cold, then, indeed, it makes sense to wrap it with paper, put it in a plastic bag and cool in the refrigerator. Recently therefore took the data from the old half dead Maxtor 40Gb.
Do not worry, in any case it will be a good lesson.
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Try the diagnostic utility from the HDD manufacturer (WD). In the case if you manage to boot the computer but the app will not see the HDD, it is a good chance that will save the data only the pros. In General, the try will only the other program for the diagnosis/recovery of data, another computer (HDD paste and try).
As the experience of necromancy can try the freezer method (briefly revive the corpse of the disk, cooled briefly in the freezer. Search for the user in-hete). It may turn out to save something, although 500GB is only with a strong luck and the effort
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1. Try other cables, including power.
2. To try to connect to another computer.
3. Anything else.

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