Does it make sense to sell software through online stores such as SoftKey or AllSoft?

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What we have:

Is your Shareware application, there's an affiliate program, etc. That have some sales already.

Now we parallel translate the software to English and looking for development opportunities in Russia.

There was such question:

1. Does it make sense to sell software through online software stores? What is at least the estimated number of sales from the same or Softkey?

2. There is someone on habré, who was sold this way to sell software? There are tangible results?

I just have in my time had the impression that these stores live by a very limited set of products (kosmarski, drveb, ms office and windows), which come specifically to them. Am I right or not?
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Sense to sell on Internet sites there are! Because when you purchase software, the principle "everything in one place" is often triggered. It is easier both for us and for accounting. When buying found that not all we need, is sold in the online store, some products can only be purchased through the website of the developer. In the end he did not buy because he was not in the order that we made out in the online store and sent to our accounting Department.
After talking with the managers of one of the sites learned that the large order they can work hard to buy the product, and its cost is added to the cost of the order.
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Softkey and Allsoft first, the payment processors, not online shopping. For sales from your website anyway will need at least one of them, especially if the soft corporate. Usually they promote, although think Softkey is doing on spec. conditions. In General, posting your program on both sites, you have nothing to lose.
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if you plan to target foreign audiences, try: RegNow, RegSoft, Plimus
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The buyer will say that is 100% because he regularly bought small soft, due to the fact that it is in the online store. To me it is faster and more convenient because I already was in the store.
PS: I had a degree of confidence in the software more for some reason. Although I'm sure that this is purely somewhere on a subconscious level.
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