Linux alternative to Skype

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In connection with the topic the Development of Skype for Linux stopped me once again the question arose, which finally I want to clarify.

Is there any real Skype alternative?

  • Contact list
  • Trouble-free communication through a microphone alone
  • The ability of audio conferencing to at least 3-4 people
  • The possibility of video calls is also no problem
  • Support for linux and preferably on a level not worse than skype (for example, to get ekiga kDa to call so that it is heard, I failed)
  • The possibility of outside calls (a la skype out)
  • Crossplatforming

  • Chat
  • Video conferencing
  • Nice interface
  • Free software + free Protocol

Interested in the three Protocol(s) + client + provider.

Tried and for various reasons didn't fit: gizmo5 (temporarily frozen development), ekiga (never bred a human), qutecom (formerly wengophone, too buggy), etc., etc.

For calls through SIP (in my case, I found a good program twinkle, but as a replacement for Skype, it does not fit. Besides, for almost 2 years not getting a new version.

PS Suit success stories with the software that I have listed :)
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Skype essential...
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have a list of subscribers. the ability to write them a letter\\message in jabber\\audio-video call, centralized storage of logs you have in your mail account.
working fine on ubuntu 10.04-12.04
and there is also a helpful feature - free calls to USA
just go to Google+, you can put the default location - the United States and to call 800 288 9949 format (instead of +1800 288 9949)
all together very much shaken % use skype we have a team
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and how to set up twinkle on sipnet? I have registered but not ringing :(
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partially Skype can be replaced by Gtalk, but under Linux it only through the browser
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It is strange that ekiga do you not start, quite a normal customer, never with it of problems was not

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