BBCode and pictures?

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Make a forum based on vanilla. In the forum there is no opportunity to attach comments to the pictures, and I really want to. For this there is BBCode and tags like [img].

But the problem is that all the images on free hosting will sooner or later disappear. Rutracker, for example, a lot of links to images that lead to nowhere.

So I have two options:

a) Find a normal image hosting may pay. Are there any? To reliable, with a friendly interface and without a crazy amount of advertising.

b) to Make on your server simple image hosting. Is there any ready software to do this?

C) Write or find a custom plugin for vanilla.

Probably, Habra-the brain knows about this better than I do. Thanks for the comments!
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There is no single answer. Pictures will be an important part of the content (articles, etc). or just for users to insert pictures to fish for lulz? If the former, then rather tightly integrated with the forum, in extreme cases your own image hosting. If the latter, it is not necessary especially zamorachivatsya, let it pour where you want.
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It seems vanilla has Addons for attache?
Separate scripts like as not normal, as this is a common feature in CMS.
External hosting such as Picasa. It is possible for the API to upload and use directly from the editor.
There is a resize on the url and do a lot of charms.
It is possible to make users able to connect their accounts on Picasa.
The same can be said about as flikr, and probably a few other giants of type Yandex.
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on kiddie.

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