How to organize synchronization of very different data?

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What I want:

Have an automatic\\semi-automatic synchronization of files with the following characteristics:
  • The synchronization is automatic (via the Internet) or manually (via USB flash drive) \\ semi-automatically (via the LAN).
  • Copy part of the data stored in the Internet storage ( free, at least 3 gig), a complete copy is stored on a flash drive (16 gigs).
  • Synchronized directories can be located in any place (except for nesting within each other).
  • Good work with directories containing projects under SVN and Mercurial.
  • 3-4 cars with different capabilities synchronization with Unlim Internet, expensive Internet (i.e. via USB flash drive large amounts preferred), the laptop which is on the same network first. In some cases, not all the folders need on each machine.
  • Enough only under Win
  • It would be ideal if you could sync history for SVN and Hg
  • If where-that something breaks or is not correctly updated — it is possible to do a rollback with the working\\backupnow stick, telling force — "when comparing such catalog files on the flash drive priority."

What we have now:

Sync using 2 utility: SyncToy, and LiveMesh

LiveMesh is able to sync via the Internet storage (5 gigs) and through the LAN\\wifi (no restrictions). All more or less automatically.

Making bad — the conflicts are removed in the basket, variations are not given. Bad for SVN (breaks the repository), HG +SVN even scared to try. Sync only as a whole, not diffy, i.e. traffic eats much.

SyncToy: Hand trolley — all directories set by the owner, the synchronization hands.

Making bad — not the most sophisticated algorithm of the deletion before deleting the directory will remove individually each file in it. Filters to ignore are set up according to individual absolute paths and no wildcards. Breaks SVN. A lot of files cause a stupor or crash ( probably memory or flows or optimal use — hammered)

Tried dropbox — little space in the Internet (free), storage only in a single directory (MyDropbox), can not from the network (from the Goodies — the history as SVN).

Considered c RSync did not like that have a lot to write.

There are strong doubts that all this will work well with SVN\\Hg with this stupid Synchron.

A little studied question mercurial<->Svn — konsolka is automatic hue is not yet satisfied and too much manual work for writing batchas ( I may not know already and is a normal decision ?).

Actually a question:

Can anyone advise a full or partial replacement of this scheme. or at least normal working circuit with synchronization snv\\hg, without an abundance of manual work.

Ready to do some file syncing (here SyncToy works quite well) and sync project (commit to 2 different system, the copy in the Internet (bitbucket) on the flash drive) post.
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3 Answers

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1) for files I would use rsync
2) for mercurial — mercurial itself. it works with svn repositories via the hgsubversion extension (included, but not activated by default
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Too messy described task, but something I've been trying to implement in full for yourself.
1. If possible a clear separation of the centralized store, always available (just before and immediately after any changes on any of 'nodes'/locations/computers), such as a flash drive or a network server, then just use rsync or applications based on it (for example rdiffbackup) is the most effective traffic the directory synchronization tool.
You can also use a more oak style media tar --incremental or diff/patch, if it is only about creating the offline patches.
2. if a clear storage no ready means I have not found, but almost always in the private case, the problem can be reduced to the first option.
Actually, something monstrous and cool, I'm slowly developing in my spare time, maybe this will be a set of tools for multiple platforms (pc/mobile), at least I'm tired of waiting this from dropbox and similar.
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Dropbox can on the LAN, there's even a option in the settings. And is quite cheap.

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