Moving to Microsoft Project Server from one server to another

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Hello everybody.

There was a need to migrate one server with Microsoft Project Server 2007 from one railroad to another.
And since earlier I used the settings of the project and not seen it, the question arose: "How this topic can be quick to hold?"

In General, the idea is this: zabekapit the Project Server database on the old server.
Then install an instance of the Project on the new server and then replace the new database on that unwrap backup from the old server.
However I have my doubts that this option will do the trick, but still.

Was wondering maybe there are some tools designed specifically for the move, it's a common enough problem.

Still have a question? In General, mandatory Sharpoint need to put on the same machine?

In General, asking for help from the community, as neither the time nor the opportunity to conduct experiments at the moment :(
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I certainly understand that it's been two months, but nevertheless, I can share the experience. In the official manual migration this process is somehow dull described, so by trial and error I developed my own.
Briefly, the sequence of actions is this:
1. Put on a new SharePoint server (WSS or MOSS) and Project Server. Updated to the same versions as on the current server (up to and including hot-fixes). Run the configuration wizard run the service. Web applications for content, NOT create.
2. Becaem farm on the old server using a standard utility stsadm (stsadm-o backup -directory-backupmethod full). This can also be done via the Central administration. Put the backup in a network ball, open full access for accounts which will be restored.
3. On the new server, restoring a backup through stsadm (you can try using the admin Center, but I don't test). I have changed the server name and the number of servers, so a whole farm restore was impossible. In this case, it is necessary to consistently recover the web app and SSP (stsadm-o restore -directory-backupid -item <where web prilojeniya> -restoremethod new). In the process of recovery need to specify the new server names and URLS. If you have migration 1:1 — i.e. a single server and his name will be the same, you can try to recover the entire farm as a whole (without the-item). To preview objects backup/restore, use the option (-showtree).
4. After this workspaces projects Project and can fall off from SharePoint. For linking you can use the Project Workspace Site Relinker tool.
In fact, using the standard backup/restore will recapata the same database + some additional data. Therefore, disappears the extra fuss with acedamy and access rights in SQL and other things.

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