Baltic Bank: work in Linux?

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Hi all. It is not clear how if karma is less than 5 to publish any articles and blogs, even in drafts, so
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Decided to write a mini-howto for the subject in here, maybe useful to someone. So:

1. Download here client BB;

2. Installed with wine ($ wine Cli312_Fiz.exe );

3. Prescribe the way to our keys (either upon installation, or go to ~/.wine/drive_c/CLI-BB/InterPro/, and let then $ wine iproconf.exe where prescribed paths to keys);

4. In the directory ~/.wine/drive_c/CLI-BB/InterPro/ run $ wine intpro.exe ;

5. Launch your favorite browser and put this settings http proxy IP: port 2080 .

6. Go to the address bc.isbb/ and voila, we are in the system.

Nice work.
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I would add: inter-pro, inter, pro, interPro, Bank-client
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Thank you.
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