The problem with the section hard disk

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The situation is this, on my laptop the hard disk partitions are:

— Windows OS (1)
— Linux (2)
— Ubuntu OS (4)
— — swap (5)
— — Ubuntu Data (6)
— Windows Data (3)

I had to reinstall Ubuntu on the partition "4". After formatting partition "4" noticed that the section "3" has disappeared. Went into Windows and ohrenel! Section "3" has not been opened, have shown that it is occupied 0 bytes, free 0 bytes. File system became RAW. When you try to open offers to format it. The drive is visible in Windows. Disk important information!

How can I restore the partition?
Know how to format, install system too. What happened this time a mystery.

All Windows partitions in NTFS, Ubuntu is ext4.
Hard drive WDC WD6400BPVT-00HXZT1 ATA Device

Help :(
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5 Answers

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Boot from hirens boot cd and try to repair the partition. Tools Active Partition Recovery or TestDisk from the partition Recovery Tools.
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As far as I know, the cause is a glitch grub'and that writes to NTFS-partition, sometimes killing them.
Solutions on the Internet did not find, so, really, probably will have to go to STS.
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And than formatted? Once had the same situation. The disk was divided nearly identical to yours. Through butowski live cd formatnul installed Ubuntu using gparted, flew a ntfs partition with files. Was restored only in the service...
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It is better to contact WD to SP!
I even killed screw (inzhenerki cover) restored on a new propeller data, seven days of rain while I was waiting.
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Looks like boot sector fell off. When I did that, restored random utility Smart Partition Recovery with Hirens boot CD. The first thing that turned up under the arm. :)
Certainly Ubuntu anything for such a case, unfortunately I do not know.
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