What program in Android can I save contacts (phone numbers) from the SIM card to a file and load them from a file in the SIM on other phone?

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Looking for program for Android, which is able to perform two simple operations:

  • Save contacts (phone numbers) available on SIM card to a file.
  • Placed on the SIM card contacts (phone numbers) previously written to the file in the previous step.

The point is that the file to transfer contacts from one Android phone to another without transferring the very SIM (which in my case is difficult, because the first mobile phone requires a SIM, and the second — microSIM).

There are four intentions:

  • I want to save it to a file (not cloud storage) because it is safer.
  • I want to store contacts on the SIM card (not phone memory) because it greatly simplifies migration from cell phone to cell phone (except in this case the difference between sizes of SIM cards).
  • Does not fit the program "safe" safety copy contacts because the file they get is encrypted using a unique key — not suitable for reading on another cell phone.
  • I do not want to waseasy getting root access on the phone because this simple task can certainly do without root.

Do you know the program that can solve this problem?
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2 Answers

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In the end, I have purchased the SIM contacts manager and it has reached the desired unhindered.
For those who wish to follow my example, just say: after importing contacts from a file on SIM, this program is perfect, the cell phone should be off and on — only then will the dialer in the HTC One will be picked up from the SIM card with new information.
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And is it the standard contacts app doesn't do that?

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