Backup and Restore to the SSD (Windows 7)

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Welcome! Looking for advice
1) What programs are for backup and restore of the system partition on the SSD? I do not know than so strongly differ from HHD to SSD but Paragon Backup 9 and 10 just don't work after you restore the system appears in the form in which it was before the recovery, it is not clear what the program spends 15 minutes and 20GB of Host Writes. If the backup was done with the system that stood on the HDD, then restore it on the SSD will not work? The program had not yet learned to take into account the peculiarities of such sections? Maybe then will help any program to migrate?

2) Stemming from the previous question — what are the migration solution not the entire drive completely and only the section with all the SSD features (including size, sectors, etc.)?
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I think it would be correct to put all the same OS in a direct way, so it marked the drive as expected, took on something 100 meters.
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Specify the version of Vin7, because in the Pro version and the regular Bacup/restore

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