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If the site provides free information services and accepts the money only as a thank you (donate, donations), how taxes are paid in this case? I.e. are there any differences from a legal point of view in comparison with sites that provide information after payment?
Please share the knowledge on the merits. Thanks in advance.
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It will be treated more like gifts that are also subject to the 13 per cent rate. If you think that it is a donation or charity, then you must document where the money from these donations and present them to the tax. Here, everything is written in detail:
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No, taxes aren't paid, if the person who translates them indicates that their sacrifices, as I recall from our proceedings. The network just found that once upon a time there was a tax of 3%, but is now gone.
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Hmm, strange world. I am now interested in the question, for some reason today. If I administer for free, and I will be in the gift of giving money.
It will be a business... or not?..
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