What kind of SCADA system do you use?

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Working in the field of process control system applied repeatedly decision from AdAstra TraceMode version 6. However, the work in this system are saturated with war with the bugs (there's a reason the first two letters in the company name Ad :) ). The system "eats" just a huge number of devices, and implements all the sea, but the stability leaves much to be desired.

There is a project implemented in Siemens WinCC version 6.2 — certainly a lot better than the first, but his problems caught.

Now planning together with Mitsubishi FX to use their MX. By the way, can anyone work? (Pros and cons).

A colleague from another company advises Citrix says, complex programming, but steady as a clock.

What system do you recommend? Worked with the above? Or other?
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And You haven't said what the system needs to work :) we Have the oil pumping, the signals come on strictly defined Protocol from the lower level, so directly from the sensors we don't work.
Spinning the good old Realflex v4.2 based on RTOS QNX 4 :) as podleski used "East" from the company EleSi (rare g*, to be honest). Now interested in Scud under QNX 6 (still support the new hardware in four lame). Stations use local Scuds from Vira Realtime (don't remember the name) and iFix (GE Fanuc).
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For me until QNX is likely not an option, because system settings need to and it is well to understand the Decision from EleSi integrated with QNX, or even to put yourself have?
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Wonderware InTouch (in the future + Industrial Application Server). Special advantages can not name, but you can live, and compare with something else not accounted for.

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