A few words about SIPRNet?

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In the light of all the hype around Wikileaks I decided to learn how and where was it stolen from these same documents. It is known that the United States is investing astronomical sums in their information security, the stranger looks like a puncture. All documents posted on Wikileaks, appealed to the closed network called SIPRNet. To my surprise on habré, I found only one mention of her, and then in the comments. I decided to fill this gap, collecting in a single review article for Habra the information on SIPRNet that I was able to Google. Information about this network, I must say, not a lot, but one that is frequently strongly differs, depending on the source.

So, SIPRNet (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network) is a closed computer network, created in early 1990-ies the American specialists, for the exchange of classified information between the government and military structures.

The network is collectively managed by four agencies of the Ministry of defense:
  • The office for communications and electronics joint chiefs of staff (Joint Staff J-6 communications-electronics directorate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)
  • The national security Agency (National Security Agency)
  • The defense intelligence Agency (Defense Intelligence Agency)
  • Military Agency for information systems (Defense Information Systems Agency)
All four of these agencies in varying degrees, responsible for the maintenance of stable operation of the SIPRNet. In addition, on the basis of their established Accreditation working group, which decides to whom to give the right of access to SIPRNet, and someone to take it.

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Right, I think. Let it contrary to the rules Habra, but is consistent with common sense. There are abrowser, decent, not a Troll, he has an article where it still publish? To ask of another — prohibited. Begging for karma — banned and all, beneath the dignity of a normal person. So scatter all authors with Habra, pay attention to the UFO!

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