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Update means chef? - | Q&A

Update means chef?

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Early for rolling out new releases of the applications I have used capistrano but now we have 10 production servers, and because of the nature of the service is regularly need to add new.

In order to save yourself time in the future, I decided to spend a couple of days to automate the process of connecting the nodes in the system. As soon as I started to write the script for capistrano, on habré there was a note about chef. It always happens!

Read the note, examined the documentation, working on kumbukani, and it worked.

Now the new server I enter in a system with a single command. But there was one not resolved the issue:

The application is actively being developed and needs to be updated quite often. This point also needs to be automated. Can I make knife bootstrap added information about new servers in Capistrano configs, but I think that this is inappropriate way, and everything can be solved by means of chef. How is that possible?

Terse krosspost in

PS. After reading documentation and posts on Habre I was under the impression that chef notenskala for new servers by running the command knife bootstrap. Is it really so? Or servers it is really possible to manage, as the title of this article?
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Describe exactly what you need to do actions such as: 1) to commit 2) update config 3) restart srvis Then we can respond in detail. In fact the chief can be deplait, you can manage servers and anything :)


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