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Got a lot of questions. I thought that ask one question on each topic — too many work issues. And to I would like not only answers, namely detailed detailed article instructions. I know that some of you mentioned googling — but I would like instructions from a competent harutaro that again, if that is not so — competent community can adjust in the comments...

So, if someone deliberates about what to write on Habr, and competent in the following issues — can you write in detail?

System administration

1) Install Apache MPM-ITK on CentOS 5.5 — the server on which you installed Apache from a native repository with n-s ' number of work sites and users. Preferably detailed instructions with the chewing of the possible "gotchas" — chmod and chown for the directories etc.
2) Server at home under the table — a dedicated IP from your ISP + DNS hosting (which is better? which is cheaper?) + second-level domains from registrars + LAMP on your home computer. And as part of this theme is the second level domain on a single server, and the subdomain is on another server with another IP, is it possible? And if possible, how?


1) Detailed instructions with code examples views on the installation of "social" modules and combining their functions — for example, add a module that allows users to add each other to friends, set the Heartbeat module, set the module Facebook statuses and print the main message "John became friends with Peter", "Fedya changed his status". I read kupalovski Russian website but there are detailed instructions for beginners or very little, or I just can't find them.
2) Detailed instructions for creating your own views for different types of content I would particularly like to photo galleries because there are three levels turns out — a list of galleries, the gallery page (and how else would a pager here to tie?) and page photos. Really would be great to consider two options — with a separate page for the photo and some boxes
3) Who would be in Russian chewed with examples of how to use the module Chaos tool suite
4) looks Like science fiction, but suddenly?.. Is it possible to configure Drupal so that absolutely all URLS was Cyrillic? That is not to be ways visit.Russia/node/gallery/children, and was the way visit.RF/gallery/children

Thank you in advance.
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To create the on Drupal 6 was a series of articles — search by tag/title "Subresult". Another was an article in PC Magazine.

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