IP-telephony, Fax and CRM?

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Please poke in technology/SOFTWARE.

The company is engaged in sales on the phone — sit managers call customers immediately in the course of conversation throw in the Fax offer and continue to discuss it. Now I'll do long distance. Clients sit under Windows.

Problem 1: we need to Fax transmission during a call, and continued the interrupted conversation.

Problem 2: many clients live in the deep zamkadya, so even Fax some of them don't run "to a neighboring pharmacy," so that e-mail and his ilk are excluded.

Problem 3: the call usually in another city or country, so it is advisable to put everything over IP.

Задача1: how to arrange everything in the mind, that all worked just? Local specialists on the asterisk saying that Fax they have problems.

Objective 2: advise frišnyh CRM, preferably integrated with the asterisk.
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3 Answers

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Faxes from asterisk off with some crutches. Smoking need Asterisk+T38.
There are commercial solutions for type T38 Hylafax
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And the operator — without a difference, if only he knew how to T38?
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Use vTiger, integration with Asterisk built-in, finished to the recording remained in the cards of customers of telephony providers Fax best through MTT go + always the calling number is determined by what is necessary. If you need special rates write

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