Projector with your hands, need advice optics?

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Good day, Q&A. I am to you for the next Council.

Inherited me with this projection TV.


Understandably, the years he had many, lights dimmed, day it be hard to watch, but the night tolerably well. The main thing is big. In General I have always had the dream house to make a projector on the ceiling. I decided to try somehow to implement it with this old piece of iron and optics. There scheme is pretty simple.


From bottom to top on back surface with mirror Shine three lamps, each to its color and its direction.

Reflected from a mirror, it hits the screen.

To remove the screen and shines on the wall, will not work, will not interfere with the mirror to take a picture. To clean the mirror will not work, because each lamp from its direction, the mirror is not square and getting on the screen, the image takes place back in the box. You can try to align all three lamps in one line that shone rectangles. And then the question arises, how to focus three beams of light in one place? To use prism? Or maybe just do not touch it and watch as it is.
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I think this community should to help:
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Here is a look at a lot about electronics

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