With a choice of servers for the middle office?

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Colleagues, help me, help pick up the server machine in the following tasks.

The domain controller
I searched, read, there is an option to start on Debian

ESET NOD32 Smart Security Business Edition
Declared support for Debian

Consultant Plus
Only works on Windows

1C: Enterprise 7.7
Work on files, can be attributed to Samba. Accounting does not want to go to 8 branch (MySQL support).

File storage
Samba, FTP



Will work under two systems Debian, Windows Server 2008 *.

Went to the local partner of HP, they offered such a configuration.

* — a great desire to get rid of the acquisition and use of Windows.
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for the average office
What is the "middle office in a vacuum"? How many users at least?
The domain controller
I searched, read, there is an option to start on Debian
It is not necessary. Normal PDC on Samba not to do, you still Win not to get to anywhere, because seven of odines and consultant. Because the domain controller do to win, users win because sit, as I understand it, why else would the controller?
The main burden will be to create a 1C, I would not be the city all on one server as a minimum reserve need. You need to take two servers with lots of RAM and to lift there server virtualization (ESX, Xen, KVM), one server is primary, the other as a backup.
Option number 2 is to take four physical servers easier, on one pair the Linux farm, the second pair of Windows, or simply scatter. Single more powerful server, for 1C base, others are simpler, because DC, Filipovich, the consultant and the rest a lot of resources will be required.
Take one big server and pile on him all at once — wrong. In the event of failure of its hardware or software logic (OS will be covered or admin makes a mistake) you'll lose all the services simultaneously and permanently.
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And necessary for such tasks to take server hardware?
You can take what may be a I7 or 6 core atlon.
The performance is several times faster.
The OS on the SSD install.
And about 100k p. This is excluding the cost of the software?
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>Will work under two systems Debian, Windows Server 2008
to restart you? or is meant virtualization? then IMHO the machine is rather weak

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