Migration from one RAID controller to another?

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Good afternoon.

There is a server(performs the functions of a PDC) with a SCSI RAID controller. There is a desire to move to SATA, for existing skazi screws are already starting to act up. As far as I know, they were discontinued, so we need to move now before it was complete ass, then the same steps not to do in an emergency mode.

In fact, this purpose has been bought controller ARECA ARC-1110 and the two screws on 500 GB.

And now the question arose how to transfer the system partition to the new controller in such a way that the system is properly up and worked with the new RAID.

I understand that it would be possible to clone the partition with something like Acronis of from one controller to another. But then the question arises: is it normal for Windows to boot from the new controller?

As I understand it, we would have her where to shove firewood from the target of the RAID, so she was very nervous. Where?

What could be the pitfalls?
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Well, actually there is a very stupid option:
0) do a full backup of the system
1) disable the network cord, so that if the limits of the system unit is not gone.
2) in server stick your new ARECA and hard, creating them an array when the server boots give the driver
3) to prevent reboot
4) clone the livecd image data from one array to another.
5) disable SCSI, turn on the server and pray.
Not likely to ride, there is a much more reliable option: first to clone from SCSI to IDE disk, bootable, clone to SATA. It's a proven option, so he IBM eSeries translated into SATA motherboard despite the fact that the original car actually died.
Well, about UR said, it may be worth a try, you see, and will not have dances with a tambourine.
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And You have 1 DC? If more, it is easier and more correct to put Windows from zero and raise it to DC. Or DC in addition there are other roles (software) on this server?

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