A message about the exception using XDebug [PHP]

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Display error messages and exceptions using xdebug quite comfortable.
But besides the output is the task to caloghirou encountered an error and send a mail to the administrator.

Put your handler using set_error_handler and set_exception_handler.
The processors perform all necessary actions, in set_error_handler then do return false and start the xdebug error handler that displays a message on the screen, and for the exception handler there is no such mechanism to call the previous handler is impossible.

Has anyone faced such a problem?
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2 Answers

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It seems to me to send an error message by email from php is wrong.
It is more logical once an hour great error_log and send it in the mail.
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Ahem... or I not understand you correctly... or...
When you call set_exception_handler() sort returns the name of the previous handler, which nobody bothers to save and later recall.

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