Ruby on Rails 3 Russian-language resources

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leave references to relevant textbooks and resources on Russian ruby in the Russian language.
interested in particular the following topics:
  • install and run your first app on ruby
  • the basics of programming in ruby.
  • well and further complexity
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I won't give links, because I do not use ruby, but got a couple of tips:
1) Learn English
New technologies rarely appear in Russia, and if there are, then all the documentation is done first in English.
2) Learn English
All the good documentation is written in English and many where published. Good Russian documentation is now being published only in blogs and on habré. Anywhere else can't find her, and if you find that it is terribly old and not updated.
3) Learn English
Even if you will find Russian documentation 3 RoR(actually, RoR 3 is so new that it almost nobody else, and is not in use), then your questions will gladly answer Google, but in English only.
4) Learn English
No one wants to support your code if it will contain classes "MojCatalogTovarov". Save the nerves themselves and others.
5) Learn English
Many of the questions a hundred times already discussed in various community and easily gugliada, but only in English.
6) Learn English
Anyway I have to.
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Russian podcasts on Rails — a lot of useful information
in General, properly written, normally to learn Rails only in English can — accessible information on virtually all aspects of Rails — there is in Russian, but very little
Agile Web Development with Rails — Rails Bible cool book
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With Russian resources in Rails is very tight. So the best Russian resource on Rails tutorial English. Alas!
For the beginner the best, three heads are better the rest of the book
It is constantly kept up to date it is for Rails 3. Written in simple language. You should definitely overpower it.
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Join, the last link above is a great tutorial. Still I can advise a book publisher Apress, Rails 3.0.

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