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Hi guys. Can't set up a home net. The situation is this — on the second floor the router is ZTE ZXDSL 831 Series ( which distributes the Internet stachecki IPS.
It is connected to the switch Surecom EP-805SX-C
To switch podluzany router, computer A ( long twisted pair that goes to the first floor. On the ground floor was connected to the computer B (, which in this situation works fine.

Now next to the computer B the computer came In ( Because on the first floor, there is a switch A Palm 500, which was connected to a Surecomand is connected to B and In. Of course, nothing worked. Computers B and In can not see the router and computer A, but see each other. I assumed that the fact that we need a cross, not a straight through cable to connect switches (g), but when I installed the cross — nothing has changed.

Here is a diagram:
If the cable (d) to tyknut in comp B or In directly, the Internet will appear on the corresponding computer.

I doubt that this is important, but computers are the following OS:
And — Kubuntu
B — OpenSuse
In Windows 7

In General, rely on the advice. And without adding hardware and without transport router)
Thanks in advance)

it may be the case in a small adapter. long cable I got straight to it, I cross-connect, and then switch:
normally the cable B is connected via the adapter to the cable (g) up and running.
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1) Adjust the switch positions and see if anything's changed
2) the openSUSE, so we have to operate with B
do nmap -sP
and let's see what nmap sees
then check the plate arp — a command "arp-a"
If I do not see any Mac of the router, And no, the problem at palm.
Tell the formula (color) crossover cable.
All waiting for the conclusions of the operations data(in PM) and then will be judged on.
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Yes, the cable tsurikomi in palm switch on 5th port if use in the 5th, then the opposite in another.
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Start diagnostics L1
1. The switches light bulbs light up when a long wire stick? (You said a long cable, maybe PALM just less long-range than slavushka computers)
2. Possible PALM killed a port, try another one.
3. As said g0dlike, try to change switches places
The ideology of the network in any way correct.
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I thought that the person who drew the diagram of the network in any case took care of L1, if not, then Yes, look at the bulb.
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The scheme is true.
It is unclear what is meant by "can't see". How diagnosed?
I recommend to collect all the junk in one room and connect a short but known-good patch Konami. So we exclude cable farm from suspicion. If that doesn't work, then in turn exclude switches from the circuit, first one, then another substitute. So we'll find out who it kozlit.
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