"NetBSD user story" or "1001 broken tambourine." Caution! Inside a lot of letters. :)?

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I wanted to write in BSDельники, but I can't. Even in the sandbox can't! And drafts are not even saved! What kind of <censored>? What <censored> I owe someone something. To earn something, to earn it, I do that, if nothing more? Sometimes it seems that the developers Habra there are problems with the CDA. Would have done better on IQ test instead of karma.

Sorry for such a long presentation in the Q&A, but unfortunately, I have no other way to share their experiences and ask for advice.

If someone can help with the publication — help. From karma, too, will not refuse to confess.


Piece of hardware with motherboard Intel S3200SHL and without the CD-ROM.

USB flash drive with the release of NetBSD 5.1 amd64 architecture. Recorded rawrite32 from under Windows.


To install the system and verify its functionality.


Attempt №1.

Insert the flash drive. Press the power button. Go into the BIOS. Put the download in the flash drive. Starts booting from hard. The flash drive flew by. :( Hell, probably not bootable flashdrive turned out, I think. Overwrite the USB stick Unetbootin.

Attempt №2

I love it ... What would have to overwrite?


Attempt No. 5

<censored> What is it! <censored>. Not loaded! Well, this can not be! Climb in BIOS look! And then I realize. Legacy USB Support is not enabled! Well, after all <censored>! Save settings and leave BIOS.

Attempt number 6

Are downloaded again. Well sysinst is loaded, as required. Choose all that is necessary. sysinst asks where to get the files to install. And then the second rake. There is no option to take the files from the flash drive. I'll try to cheat. Choose the installation CD-ROM, and enter the device name of the flash drive. Does not work. Try other different options... reboot a Couple of times.


Attempt number 9

Well, its <censored>! HTTP put! Choose all that is necessary, choose to install via HTTP, it starts to download files, recline on the couch and relax. The download hangs at 32% while downloading comp.tgz. Well well as your copper! What I do it. Ctrl+Alt+Del. Not reagiruet. All! The machine firmly stuck. Well PPC! Have to power off by long holding the button, and then turn on the machine again. Try to use other mirrors and FTP. Spend another 30-40 minutes.


Attempt # 14

It took about 5 hours with the first entry of the flash drive. It's just full PPV! Nothing works! It is unrealistic to deliver the system! Try booting without ACPI. A miracle! Finally, HTTP all downloaded and installed. Then the problem is with ACPI. It's bad.

Attempt number 15

Are loaded into the installed system defalte with ACPI. This works like a charm. Go to download pkgsrc. The system tightly hangs. Appears sporting interest to understand the problem. My in NetBSD Problem Report. port-amd64/44231 dmesg is attached.


Attempt No. 21

Then the next day, after several hours of messing around it turns out that the system hangs not only when working with the network, and at any time. Stumbles on something. For example also hangs well on the team ./pkglocate php. The idea was to make some magic kernel options. Maybe there will be hacks for ACPI.

Attempt number 22

Take the GENERIC kernel, throwing his support FS extra and extra devices while without adding anything and trying to leave the core pretty dealtime. Not a lot of extra cut. Campiglio the kernel, install it. The same.

Attempt # 23

Conjure with various options. Try to enable apm, throw hpet, enable acpica_pedantic. Switching back and forth SpeedStep support in the kernel and in the BIOS. Read all the options man and viewed all the lines in the LINT kernel. Nothing helps. Another day. It is necessary to compile the kernel with the maximum debug and see what it is.


Attempt No. 32

Include in the core diagnotic, debug, acpiverbose, ddb_onpanic=2, etc. Loaded with ACPI. ./pkglocate php Fall in the debug.

/usr/src/sys/arch/x86/x86/cpu.c line 1067. Reboot and go to source to look for that string.

KASSERT(ci -> ci_level == IPL_NONE);

Googling I understand that KASSERT it's something to do with parsing regexps. And the problem is still quite low level because the cpu.c

Attempt No. 33

Try to rebuild the system from source. The source code of the same release 5.1, and installed. Just trying to compile myself. Doesn't help of course. Pumped from CVS sources tagged the netbsd-5-1 and netbsd-5. Neither compilada. Error is issued. I can not understand in what business. Boiling and ready in the server window to throw out.


Attempt No. 36

It's been 3-4 days from the time recording system on a flash drive! Damn this shit! It remains to try a few options. To put 5.0.2 amd64 and put 5.1 i386. i386 does not want, because you plan to add memory and have to then rebuild the kernel with PAE. But PAE is a crutch. Moreover, the system in General, should be a Xen Dom0 and God knows if it supports Xen PAE kernel. To understand why not Campiglio downloaded the source from the stable tags, too does not want. I do have close to score and raise it all on something like Debian. Do not let the brothers to sin with Linux. :D
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The question is what?
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Would put even Linux, it is not a pity it? In 3-4 days you had something useful to do.
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Put Debian and calm down already :)
Windows Server do not offer, because scary =)
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Tried an older NetBSD 5.0.2. For the sake of interest tried i386. All the same. Installed Debian in 15 minutes, picked up 5 for Xen. :)

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