Microsoft Office 2010 — simultaneous editing

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And I've heard that the new Office 2010 has a feature for simultaneous editing by multiple users of the same document. And as you can see/configure/feel, and what do I need? If they made it do what you thought?
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Google Cloud Connect is basically an extension of a product called DocVerse which was acquired earlier this year by Google. Google Cloud is not yet available officially for everyone. However Google Apps for Business customers can request for a request for a preview here. For everyone else including us, we have to wait before Google makes it live!
You most likely say about Google Cloud Connect.
So this development from Google. This shnyazhka from the companies DocVerse, which Google zakhaval.
Unfortunately, now they have stopped taking application for testing its design, you can only "be informed" about the release of a stable release.
BUT! ETS Office Live from Microsoft for this purpose (cloud)
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Collaborative editing is available via sharepoint or skydrive: (below is a video and links)
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In Excel a long time and there was the sharing function (Markup tab), if you set the option, you can change the file and open it at the same time.
It does not work with macros.

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