Help with choosing a payment gateway for accepting micropayments

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The other day there was a need to connect payment gateway, which would serve the maximum possible number of means of payment would be best to accept micro-payments (bulk payments within 1-5$) plan fees and would be available for all (RU, EU, US, etc).

Payment systems such as PayPal are not suitable because of the presence of a particular fixed fee, which in terms of micropayments brings the Commission to the payment gateway to the unreal 30-50%.

After preliminary studies previously stopped at It would be great if someone has already used their services and could share the experience. Also I would really appreciate guidance on any adequate alternative solutions.

All in advance many thanks!
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2 Answers

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Knock on any contacts that will help.
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the widest — But in the appendage will have the WM/POISON to connect.

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