Advise the plugin for user authentication in RoR 3

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For several projects there is a need to use RoR 3, though I'm not an expert and just a beginner.
Trivial(not many, alas, but nevertheless): to enable users to be identified through a third party(openid, oauth, etc openapi), and local(registration and authentication via soap, for example).
Main requirement: convenience.
1) don't want to write it all from scratch(except plug-ins for open api and other specific systems).
2) don't want to for each of the systems created a separate table(one is always enough, even if everything else was OK, will suffer if each system is on the table).
3) Good documentation(at least, splint start-and-go).

While more suited OmniAuth, but it's too minimalistic. I'm ready to write some things from scratch on Python, but if it's RoR, you want to "it was".
Authlogic I was thrown because the plugin is old, horrible, plugin api itself is not so beautiful and if what AL is fit, so only local authentication.
I'm gonna try to Devise, but they say that the third rails it has not been tested and is in itself very static and cumbersome.
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