Traffic accounting. Linux

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Tell me, now this is the client connected to the switch (attached to port a Mac client + limited speed). Need for yourself (the client that does not need) lead who has downloaded + preferably who is online, and so on.
As I understand, you need to consider the traffic and entered into the database.
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I think NeTAMS ( just for Your case.
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If the switch is able to collect information on the netflow port.
If, again, able to collect info via snmp port.
It all depends on the switch and the method of implementation.
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transparent SQUID + LightSquid
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We use Squid + SAMS. But this is only 80th port.
NeTAMS as I understand it does not support detail — who where went, but it considers all.
If you do this enough, then try and use it. Otherwise, you need to look towards paid type NetUp.

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