Restrict access within the network?

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Good evening, this:

3 unmanaged switch + 1 unmanaged switch, inserted in the first hanging on it students.

Not to allow students to network outside their switches?

The server also has no...

Group policy?
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local firewall on each machine.
If the station to win, free Comodo will do. Do I even need to say that admin's rights from students should not be?
If a nix — that's obvious.
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Different subnet on the switches, the prohibition to change the configuration of the network interface on workstations.
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To put the router software or hardware. I think there is 1 system unit for this. Personally, I other solutions can not see. The local firewall is already above advised. But personally I'm not comfortable to configure something at each place (when you have to make changes — you'll understand why), I find it easier to tie everything on 1 node (router) and it is already running.
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