The selection of HD Webcams for Skype

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Pick up relatives of the new web camera to communicate via Skype. Requirements — built-in microphone, decent quality picture and sound; price within a few Tr does not matter.
Decided to look towards cameras that support 720p video and got stuck at the stage "from which to choose."

That managed to learn

1. Skype to version 4.1 inclusive not 720p officially supported. But if the camera permission was given, with a special utility support included.

2. Skype 4.2 is officially supported 720p, but only for certified cameras with hardware encoding signal. From all the other cameras Skype 4.2 transmit a maximum of 640x480.
As I understand it, supported cameras, with built-in MIC sold by exactly one, FaceVsion FV TouchCam N1.

3. Skype 5.0 is still not clear. In the list of "what's new in this version" Pro supported cameras says nothing.
This blog Logitech has found an entry that a new series of their HD Webcams supports 720p in Skype 5.0, although no hardware encoding in them (sort of) no.


1. Are there any more (except for the FaceVsion FV TouchCam N1) are the officially supported Skype camera with hardware encoding and built-in microphone?

2. What has changed since version Skype 5.0 — the restriction to use only cameras with hardware encoding is removed, or they agree exactly with Logitech, or not only with them?

3. What to prefer from web cameras capable of transmitting 720p in Skype?

And a couple more just related.

4. Very confused phrase from the Skype website: "If each participant of the call will be web camera that supports the HD standard, the video feed will go into a high resolution". But if this camera will be on only one side, HD is not all (and may in fact specifically cut in theory)?

5. Now Skype requires a "fast Internet connection with a speed not less than 512 kbps".
Thus for version 4.2 required twice.
This is purely a marketing reduction, or version 5.0 to 512 kbps will be fine to pass 720p?
What is really the right channel for high quality transmission?
The question is relevant, since the outbound channel is not always wide.
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On the trail of a topic on Habre parents bought a Logitech C510 camera just for Skype. What's with the old Skype I do not know, but when I have them fifth all excellent — the picture quality is simply stunning (if bandwidth allows). With great pleasure I deduce a picture on a 19" monitor (1280x1024) and enjoy life =)
Thought about trying to draw picture with Skype on full HD TV, but while hands did not reach.
Real channel the parents of a few megabits — dedicated channel in the oblast center. This is enough though and they and I with NAT, ie, the flow goes through 3rd point afaik.
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Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 out of the box is even to Linux!
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I use for Skype Logitech webcam C510/C905, they have a great picture (subjectively the quality is higher than MS LifeCam HD-5000) and very good microphone — hear what people say 5-10 meters. The only one drawback I know under Windows you need to install the driver, without them the video is choppy. Under Linux this was not.

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