There is an interesting project to generate electronic books from the relevant information on the subject, made as a hobby. Looking for steering

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It turned out that the main business is not connected with Internet technologies. But sometimes itched and were doing all sorts of projects that could be called startups, if someone saw them except us.
If someone saw how you can use them, it would be a co-owner of a couple of piles of code in which I have invested about 150-200 thousand RUR.

The first project is the likeness (perhaps even came first).
The second is made solely to the needs of one person — me.

Made service which:
1) to record interest search queries with the settings of your searches of Google and Yandex
2) Every day sends and receives queries links on the search results according to your requests
3) Parses each of these pages along with photos
4) File all in the file e-books epub
5) Merges all of this to your smartphone for offline reading
Thus it turns out service for busy people. When there is a free minute you can open a fresh reading on a mobile phone on your topic. And it works everywhere offline, on the plane or train.
Also, in addition to search engines made improved parsers for several popular sites (l'ourcq). You can get the latest articles there.
From the owners of the project forward ideas of how to monetize and further development of this service.

Thank you for your attention on Friday!
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Can only servers and architecture to help.
All the fun of tapriza))))

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