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There is an online store with a high proportion of deferred conversions (a visitor comes, looks, goes, and returns several times during the month and, finally, purchases). The source of the last visit is often different from the source of the first visit (the first time man walked on contextual advertising, and when did the order of bookmarks). Of course, this spoils the performance for certain sources.

The I metric is a report on the sources with the cutoff for "returning visitors", but it is not convenient for real applications. Let me explain why.

Let's say in September I spent X amount for contextual advertising. I want to count how many orders I got for the money.

Ya. Metrika -> Sources -> Summary (sampling in September) | Aim "Order":

Transitions to the is -> 10 target visits | Returning: 15 target visits

Total, it would seem: 25

IT is NOT, for 3 reasons:
1) the Users that I drew in September, and the order they did in October, the report got
2) The "returnees" were some users that were received until September.
3) If the user and the first and the last visit was from clicking on the advertisement, he counted 2 times (as a normal conversion visit returned). So stupid to put these 2 figures is impossible.

What to do?
You need to design a report that would have calculated new visitors, broken at the FIRST traffic sources. It is not difficult to do in the report designer. And here is how to count only those visitors who made the order (what order may be made in the following visits, with other sources or even in the framework of the visits falling outside the reporting period).

That's the task until it is impossible to solve the I metric. Any idea how to do it using the same Metrics or Google Analytics?
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If the buyer has gone through contextual advertising, it it has been based on cookies. So if he comes back and stored cookies, it will be counted.
In Google universal (new Analytics), you can even track if a visitor came from different devices to complete the conversion.
The second option, which is sometimes applied in order to decline cookies if you perestaralis if you run several advertising campaigns in one system — from advertising campaigns to convey additional GET parameter that will be recorded in the cookie to expire. Each RK his name is cookie. Consequently, they will not be berezaceramica and they can be considered.
If the user is a month thought before buying, then you will see him with a one-month delay, otherwise nothing.
If the first has not completed the conversion, and the last visit completed the conversion and that was the transitions in advertising, it will not be twice counted.
The conversion will count only the last (RK peretiraetsya cookies fresh for Ya. Direct sure).
It will track in Google Analytics with the new code universal (you can use old and new at the same time and compare your stats)

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