What to do with this resource (website)?

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We started with some friends two years ago, a resource kaba.com.ua: women's magazine + the online application (menstruation calendar, food diary, body log, microblogging). I about it wrote on Habre. Had a lot of time, the idea seemed interesting — in General have fun together and have done.
Then very quickly one of us (the editor) went abroad, the second (the designer) came off, and I shot another project. The project more than a year did not develop. All the time ~200 visitors per day.
Maybe someone has thoughts/suggestions, what further to do with him?
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Offer in communities to give the management of anyone with glowing eyes. Promise not to kick at once if anything and supported technically. Does not require money. It if you still somehow interesting.
If you are not interested, give govnational for pennies.
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I am ready to discuss the possibility of buying, so how are you going to enter the Ukrainian market with a store focused mainly on women

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