Idea: offline analogue of the game of EVE Online with full generation of all. What do you say?

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If more:

— game type: simulator space cruiser, RPG, strategy

— to start the engine may be very simple: a 2d top view Ala the Rangers, perhaps a turn-based game Ala Heroes.

— the ship Ala Star Trek, in which each element itself, not the ship one, including the entire crew of self-identity with their performance, skills, character, inclinations, etc.

— when you install the game generated the whole universe — is large enough in size (a few large sectors divided into smaller subsystems with their solar systems), 1-2% of the planets are inhabited.

— if the level of development of the population of higher primates — the possible contact with 20-100 residents when landing on a planet that also have all the signs of living people.

— each planet has many indicators: development, economy, unity of land holdings, mineral resources, the hostility of the population, etc.

— between some of the planets established trade routes

— there are races and types of ships (pirates), hostile to everyone else

there are lots of space ships, also inhabited by humanoids, with their objectives and current tasks

— with each turn or after a certain time, the game intervenes the factor of "luck", changing something with an unknown side.

— the game will not be guaranteed a specific outcome. As a variant: several endings and several elementary tasks (which may not be made in the case of certain events)

— the game will be quite different from all existing offline due to the factor of "luck", some "live" units, to influence the course of events and the lack of a continuous linear narrative or the ability to describe the passing game.

I hope I have described the maximum available for understanding. By the way, the online option is also possible, in this case, the universe is beginning to be populated by bots, which will progressively be replaced by players i.e., the world does not seem deserted, even in the beginning of the game.

From me: a scenario study subjects, design (not final graphics), brainstorming variations, testing, elaboration of the quests. Unfortunately more unlikely.

— Yes, I am aware of the difficulty of creating such a game. It is a dream, which is more than 10 years.


First you need a minimum engine:

space with the starry background, which has some size, it can be moved around the mouse, zoom in/zoom wheel

— first two planets

— 1 the ship, flying from one planet to another, at the approach of gradually diminishing and fading (transparency)

— 1 player ship, right-clicking the mouse on the playing field, you can send it at this point.


1. after installation there is a consecutive generation of the entire world: galaxy/star/planet/race/level of development/technology/the planet/ships/personnel ships/weapons/engines/small parts (etc.)

2. generation of a race relations/trade routes/military dispositions/characters etc.

3. generation of the history of the character and the current situation in the world on the basis of the generated world

— 4. running game: show Intro, the world situation and the history of the character (which is also generated to make the customization later)

5. game start: display map of the universe, are bringing to the current point, the displayed game screen and the player ship

6. top right mini-map at the bottom of the main buttons control the game and ship

7. when you click on a planet/ship you can get basic information about them, when you right click to attack/follow a ship or land on a planet.

If we talk about offline...

— Database with tables: galaxy/star/planet/race, etc.

— configure graphics/sound/key — Configurator. ini file

— the main module of the game: launch, splash screen, map of the world

— module of generation of the world (used after installation, at the request of the player to give up or after a loss)

— save-file — writable, one piece. AutoSave

Additional modules:

— alternatively, a system of sampling, preservation and caching of queries in the database

— random number generator (a long step by step during a flight from one region to another AND/OR slower based on time intervals), the layout and selection of future events (with some degree of probability) for gradual changes of game balance, for example: the construction of a new ship, the death of one of the characters/vehicles/races/planets, the incident on the ship/planet, the military collision of ships, the attack on the planet, surrender and joining of unions, the breakdown of equipment on ships, and various space anomalies/aliens etc.

— the battle system

— trade

— landing on the planet

— quests



If you have free time and you like I had this idea — will be very happy.

Otherwise — please write what you think about: the complexity of the creation, version of the engine or the language in which to write criticism, the demand of this game, etc.

Project beginning and end:


designers and artists (first)
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The korowai will be loot?
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There are already a series of games X. IN EVE I almost never played, but people say X3 is like EVE offline.
You can Google for "X3: Terran conflict".
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if you were the customer came to us with this and a suitcase full of money, would still be sent.
make a competent. detailed tor and the developers themselves will be pulled. ask the tester to test will karandashi and you will understand how you got the cheese idea, but even good games die because of minor bugs and lack of balance.
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In General, the idea is brilliant.
The games for the future.
I also think about it. Remember the game was like Elite on the ZX. So I have not played it, but read the story. (captured my young mind)
Ready to help with ideas.
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Well, what you are willing to take strictly more time and effort than what is supposed to do programmers.
I think the game is too difficult — hence the popular not to be because for end user it will be playable only after he completely understand, and this for a long time.
Did not see mass kosmicheskih popular online RPG. The niche is free. The idea is good. I wish you luck.
There is no time — can't help you).
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when all step into the line and when the co-op pulls sale of almost any shit you step in offline...
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Been thinking about a similar project, just yesterday, although the idea itself already 5 years for sure :) the Only thing has now become a seasoned programmer and architect and I understand how hard it is and long (years) implementation in a small team. Especially with regards to the graphic part.
To start planning to do things with the basic "schematic" of the 2D graphics view from the top, ie without textures and clear models. The simplest action to make this release as early as possible. But again, to draw these geometric figures is quite stressful. I need an artist, who would have to do.

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