ASP.Net MVC 2 & IIS 7.0

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Using VS publish of project is written in ASP.Net MVC 2.

Get a catalogue in the form:

in IIS7 localhost added to the Web application referencing the folder where you did publish. (indicated on the application pool .Net 4)

Start a site. But when going to it get the following error
HTTP error 403.14 — Forbidden
The web server is configured in such a way as not to generate the directory listing.

About understand that you need to add Default Document in IIS — but I don't have for example Default.aspx in the folder.

What you need to do to IIS allowed and open/run the app?

Tried to add Default Document as any *.aspx file from the folder ../Views/../
HTTP error 500.21 — Internal Server Error
Handler "BlockViewHandler" contains bad module "ManagedPipelineHandler" in the list of modules

Or maybe I'm wrong to post the project?
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In the mvc default document does not need. Let's see what you have in global.asax, what action a controller will be called when the Zaros to the face of the website. This is probably Home/Index. Do you have a solution?

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