IPhone and data roaming?

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The authorities bought the iPhone 4 in Euroset. The Operator — The Megaphone. Took micro made the activation with her. Checked have you disabled data roaming so as not to ruin him on the Internet.

Phone works in town everything is fine.

Now the boss left to Switzerland. hard iPhone sees the network — not registered.

Next to him lies his second phone, a regular Nokia with another number, is also a Megaphone — all the rules — calls, SMS... ie HSE near there!


The Operator — The Megaphone.

Settings in the iPhone (besides activation) was not performed.

Roaming iPhone not working.

Nokia same operator next works.

According to this instruction the phone off/on, done a manual operator selection... the effect is zero.

The balance of more than 500 rubles, the service is activated.

In support rang, wing there, but they tried.

Ideas, suggestions, screenshots...
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I think a jamb in the service plan, the case is certainly not the iPhone.
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What is the function of roaming on or off?))
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Data roaming is data roaming charges for voice data is not relevant. Can turn off (Cellular Data) network-or as it in Russian. And the Internet does not.
If you have tried everything from the support Apple. Something or by phone or with the operator.
The texturizing powder with an iPhone was adapter Microsim → SIM. Check IOS SIM card in Nokia.
Buy local prepaid microsemi/SIM card (with a knife/scissors for a minute will make micro-SIM) and check the iPhone.
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You can still check the operator status of the service "international roaming" for this contract. Sometimes it is necessary to include additionally.

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