Wi-Fi network with the distribution of the Internet without a router?

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I have a question. There is a class — 10 aluminum Macs. 2 of them connected to the Internet.

Is there any option to organize the distribution of the Internet on other computers over Wi-Fi without a router. (Temporarily for six months or a year).

Working Windows system. Although installed 3 OSes (Details here habrahabr.ru/blogs/personal/88451/).

How to do it correctly and whether to bother with this. For the learning process need the Internet, but there is no way to make the mind.
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There is a possibility. One computer which is connected to the network, it configures the network mode of the transmitter, the rest find this network. Internet connection on the computer the transmitter do share — you Windows change IP for wifi connection, the other IP to the other computers mount it manually. Gateway connection wifi select depending on your Internet connection.
And even better — let version of Windows, they are different
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The router is 700 rubles, and sometimes less. Not suffer garbage.

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