SSH Tunneling or VPN?

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There is a rented VPS in a different country. Want to go to the home PC to the Internet through it.

I see two options:
1) Install and configure OpenVPN as described in the article
"Free VPN from Amazon"

2) Traverse the ssh tunnel and tell all programs to go through it. Read more about ssh tunneling here:

One of the advantages of the second method is its obvious simplicity — nothing to install, brovzer and ICQ work immediately, and even if there are some exotic program that is not able to work through Socks5 Proxy, anyway, to wrap it through the same SocksCap or Proxifier — a matter of two minutes.

And tell us about the cons? What for to fence all this kitchen garden with OpenVPN? In some cases this makes sense? There is one description of the settings takes five screens. So, I guess that something is this way better? Why not give the SSH tunnel, why the need for OpenVPN to be sure?
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ssh knows how to make himself a "vpn" and not just a socks proxy.
echo "Starting VPN tunnel ..."
modprobe tun
ssh -w ${TUN_LOCAL}:${TUN_REMOTE} -f ${HOST} -p ${HOST_PORT} "\\
ip addr add ${IP_REMOTE}/${IP_MASK} dev tun${TUN_REMOTE} \\
&& ip link set tun${TUN_REMOTE} up \\
&& sleep 2\\
&& echo "slept"\\
&& iptables-t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE-s ${IP_LOCAL}\\
&& echo "masq"\\
&& iptables-I INPUT-i tun${TUN_REMOTE} -j ACCEPT \\
&& iptables-I FORWARD -i tun${TUN_REMOTE} -j ACCEPT \\
&& iptables-t nat -I PREROUTING policy -i tun${TUN_REMOTE} -j ACCEPT \\
&& echo "done."\\
&& true"
sleep 5
echo "local"
ip addr add ${IP_LOCAL}/${IP_MASK} dev tun${TUN_LOCAL}
ip link set tun${TUN_LOCAL} up
ip route del default
ip route add default dev tun${TUN_LOCAL}
#echo "search ${PRIVATE_DOMAIN}
#echo "nameserver ${PRIVATE_NAMESERVER}
#“ >/etc/resolv.conf
echo "... done."
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Each program to set up each time is not an option (and many do not want to tune in for reasons of principle)
> wrap it through the same SocksCap or Proxifier — a matter of two minutes
Proxifier pay. It was buggy, on win7x64 I have not even stood up.
OpenVpn set up once and forgotten.
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On SHH I guess VPN more difficult to build.
And what card you used for Amazon or the usual type is Visa Virtual?
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Himself on such a scheme go in tyrnete.
Nastraivatsa all we know, even very, no one to retrain it is not necessary, default route becomes VPN

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