Program. To be or not to be?

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There is a question to experts and stakeholders of different kinds of affiliate programs.
And a question for users, read customers, site owners are generating revenue directly from the visitors that pay for the product or service.
We have a paid system of communication with the visitors.
And we can't decide, need a affiliate program or not.

It is clear that their costs we somehow hammered into the price.
Now the price is very competitive, in short to put it simply, the market is no better suggestions.
It is clear that customers love it and we have constant growth and all that.
But it just so happened that initially, the price we slightly missed the mark it is lower than required for normal operation.

In any case we are going to increase it by adding (or not adding) to it additional referral fees.
But it turns out that if they add we get out over the threshold tasty to the client.
But make nice partners who are not yet, no, we have several hundred clients and a single partner :-)
Although blame is probably not very good panterka we had.
We paid 50% off any first purchase.
Not everyone likes how it turned out.
Now I want to give 10% for a limited period, but not less than one year, but it seems it is not enough
and give 30% it really spoils the whole picture for those who comes by himself.

Prices from 500 rubles a month (roughly), and no team, of course cheaper.

Affiliate program is a myth, it actually works?
Or it is necessary to pay 50% for the entire period and then will be happiness to us and them?
But it is clear that any interest will be buried in the price.

For reference the price now is 320 p. ( with NG it will be higher).
No affiliate programs: ~380-420
With the affiliate program 5% ~500-540
With the affiliate program 10% ~580-620

It is obvious that the first option is better than for the customer.
The second is not so interesting and program it fine.
The third looks more expensive than some competitors and affiliate program too.

If partners is a myth and the sense from them a zero, why suffer customers?
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Affiliate program is a great thing and works (we have a niche — the budget system of the smart home).
Webmaster — we write about articles, reviews — they are interested in creating quality content.
Send us customers and take their %. we have rising rates for search engines — grow
the ratings increased and the number of direct sales.
Naturally, we choose with whom we will work. And sent to the owners of the thematic resources
proposals for cooperation.
The average amount of the deal 9K RUB — give 10%
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I have an online store. I am currently adding to its range and will program it affiliate program. Do I raise prices? no! Will I pay to affiliates? Yes!
1. I cheat on all goods 50% of purchases. If I bought 1,000 rubles goods, in the store, I put it at 1500. — 500 RUB my profit.
2. Let's say affiliate program 10%, then every 1,500 I will give 150 total, I will have only 350 profit.
3. Through the program I will have a lot of traffic to the website, where a competitive price (because everything is wound at least two ends, and then 3-4, and I only have 50%)
4. Due to the momentum, more money for me than any of the competitors with their 5 ends. Though they sell 1 product per month and I think that earned, I little by little will do the same amount per day (for example)
5. I remain in profit, the partner receives money, I stay competitive (my price is a bargain relative to the other) and on my website a lot of traffic by partners. win-win situation!
Item 4 imputed*
Think about how much to cheat, and that out of their money to give, but increase the speed.
It's like advertising. You invest in advertising, but it gives You a return and ultimately a greater profit than working without it. Business in Russia will be terrible, yet all will want only to receive, but not to invest.
I advise You to do about as well as I do, and such marketing will be beneficial to all, including You.
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without PPC — 500r
with any affiliate program — 500r
from this: the higher the percentage of the partner, the less you... what does the end-user?..
certainly if through the partner price is higher, then nafig need it? except that the partner will offer something on top of the gift...
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Pull the rope at two ends: to conquer the market of super low prices (useful if more than half Can compare) and give deduction to the partners.
A good groundwork for affiliate marketing are nonlinear costs in scaling the business.
You offered a price of 100 rubles, the affiliate receives 30% traffic orders increased from 10 to 1000.
An important question will be how much it costs to handle 1000 clients?
And how critical 30 000 of deductions and the 100,000 turnover.
Numbers and counting, otherwise in the ballet. Take the rope and pull customers :)
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I am the ovner of several affiliate systems. Successful... Interested to chat — leave your ICQ in PM. Happy to answer your questions.
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Of course there is. You can still enter into agreements with the largest and thematic aggregators of affiliate programs (CPA). To begin, I'd tested for a period of three months.
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What I know about affiliate programs? that is a normal way to make money, where to start? Yes, even with MTT
This is one of the leaders in the field of cloud Telecom
Collaborates with web-masters. Just place a referral link on the website: for a new client, which is passed by reference, the income from 1000 to 9000 rubles for every lead.
The application then filled
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