Mouse Wowpen Joy and the problem of exit from hibernation Win7 x64

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Good afternoon. The question is more for owners vertical mouse Wowpen Joy . Computer-based macplay Gigabyte ga-ma790x-ds4 , why when you care more about hibernate than 10 minutes (10 minutes so there is no error) and return from hibernate, the mouse is detected (the mouse itself to glow, i.e., power comes), the tray is presented that the unidentified device in device Manager under universal serial bus Controllers appears Unknown Device without a dev id, the mouse of the equipment disappears. If you restart the computer, then the problem is not solved, just in the tray the same message and also unknown device in the Manager. This method helps only to turn off the computer, pull out the mouse from usb, turn on the computer to fully load windows, then plug the mouse and windows itself it ostanavlivaet finding drivers (installs as a HID mouse). Tried USB 1.1. and USB 2.0, the effect is the same. Tried shaman power modes the BIOS, no use. Also tried to reinstall the USB hubs, controllers and hubs.

If anybody who had similar problem, please tell me how to solve it?
Maybe there are some drivers for it, he can not find, because there is no manufacturer's website, and sellers are not aware of the drivers. In General it turned out that this problem exists on Vista x64 and some even on x86 systems.
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Have you tried to remove/insert the USB, when everything is bad? I like was a joke with a wireless mouse and still observed with conventional wired keyboard. On the Microsoft site there is an article on this subject, so I can't DM allow the link.
There the point is that we should add a flag to the "reset USB Host Controller" after resuming from sleep. Googling the topic just just mice and resume/sleep.

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