Need advice on cluster consisting of 2 server 2012 r2

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There are two physical servers, there are 2 licenses srv2012 R2 Std OLP.
More servers and never will be. SAN hardware, either.
Task create a failover cluster and to run 2 virtual machines Hyper-V.

I tried to do:
1. Put the OS on physical servers. Added the Hyper-V role, the DNS.
2. Did the 1st server is PDC and the other additional controller.
3. As SAN I used StarWind (installed on both servers, configured the "cluster" or as it is properly called from two SAN, i.e. "HA" on the two nodes).
4. Given the role of a failover cluster of physical servers. Began testing before deploying the cluster - problem with AD. I Leafed Through The Internet. Saw that in the environment srv2012 (unlike that of 2008) it is impossible to combine the role of a domain controller and cluster member on the same server (same OS). By the way, as I understand it, the planned configuration You created (the issue on which OS version?), quote from "In their projects, if I have a small branch office where the only two physical host that I want to make members of the Hyper-V cluster, I do their physical controllers, and cluster members
at the same time. This is a supported configuration, although it has some difficulty. "

What to do?
See this: outside of the cluster in Hyper-v to create VM on each physical server. On the 1st VM to deploy PDC, and the 2nd additional controller. Don't know - to enter the physical servers (hosts) in the domain or not (I read that for the cluster on srv2012 domain is not required).

In this case, the cluster will only run 1 VM srv2012 (because the license server 2012 standard - 2 VMS only).

In your opinion, how clever it would be to solve the problem on existing equipment?

Thanks in advance.
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Generally don't do that, because all the divergence from bestpractise goes sideways.
...but if you really want:
1. take another PC, create 2 new path, raise the main and backup controller AD.
2. Configure 2 servers H-V, enter in domain
3. Create a cluster (where you store your quorum?)
4. Drag and drop the controllers to the servers of H-V
5. Asymmetrically adjust the priority of the controllers AD servers H-V
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About the same problems. Two servers how to make fault-tolerant storage for virtualos(something like vSAN and Virtual Storage Appliance from VMware)? win2012r2
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